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Medina Youth Lacrosse Association is a not-for-profit organization.  Registration fees are determined by the actual operational costs of the league.  Expenses are evenly distributed across all members.  Fundraising and our endowment help defray some of our expenses.  For any questions or a copy of the business plan, please contact us at medinalacrosseassociation@gmail.com


  • Registration - Fees paid by members for lacrosse programs.
  • Endowment - In 2018 we established the Medina Youth Lacrosse Association Fund.  This managed endowment generates annual income to lower registration fees.  As the fund grows, so does the amount of fees that can be offset.
  • Baggataway - Our invitational tournament raises funds from team registration fees and area business donations.  these funds offset expenses, pay for capital projects, and help to grow the endowment.


  • Fields (32%) - Outdoor fields are rented from municipalities.  Indoor fields are rented from private entities.  Fields are lined by volunteers.  Paint and machine maintence expenses.
  • Tournaments (27%) - Tournaments charge entry fees per team.
  • Overhead expenses (20%) - website, storage unit, flyers, supplies, taxes, transaction fees
  • Referees (12%)- Home game referees and some conference game referees. Referees are contracted from the NOLOA/NOWLOA. US Lacrosse and OHSAA provide guidelines for the number of referees required per game.  The officials associations establish fees.
  • Program Equipment (5%) - Some programs offer equipment the registrant will keep.  The cost of this equipment is factored in to that registration fee (not distributed).
  • Insurance (4%) - In 2019 MYLA will provide the insurance for players eliminating an expense for members.

CAPITAL PROJECTS (paid for by Baggataway fundraising, this is why its so important to participate!)

  • Helmets - A helmet represents over 50% of the startup cost for a player.  MYLA seeks to provide helmets for every player that wants one.  It's going to take a few years of hard work but we can do it!
  • Spare Uniforms - Coaches keeping spares in their bag means forgetting a uniform doesn't ruin a great day of lacrosse.
  • Game Equipment - goals, nets, balls, goalie gear, bags, paint machine