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As a component of MYLA's initiative to lower costs and barriers to entry for playing lacrosse, a limited number of loaner helmets are being offered on a first come first serve basis during the spring season to new players.

This being the innagural season for the Helmet Program we ask that if you have a helmet please utilize it.  Helmet purchases are made possible by the BAGGATAWAY INVITATIONAL fundraiser.  As more funding becomes available we can purchase more helmets over the next few years.

  • Helmets are for use only by the registered player in MYLA sanctioned events
  • Players are responsible for the helmet in their possession
  • Report any problems or damage to the coach immediately
  • Loss or damage due to unauthorized use may incur an additional charge
  • Helmets are to be returned promptly at the end of the season


Helmet Certification

Safety is a paramount concern for any sports organization.  While a lacrosse helmet may look perfectly fine, if it is more than three years old and has not been re-conditioned annually it is no longer certified for play per Lacrosse Rules.  Click the link below for more information.

Cascade - Is My Helmet Game Ready?

A properly maintained and annually re-conditioned helmet is certified for play for 10 years.

MYLA has contracted with a NOCSAE / NAERA approved reconditioner in our area.  In addition to keeping MYLA owned helmets certified for play annually, they have offered to certify player owner helmets at our contract price - $20.  This service can be requested during registration.