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2020 MYLA Board Nominations

will taken from November 1, 2019 through December 14, 2019


The Medina Youth Lacrosse Association Board WANTS YOU!

The Board consists of 5 members. 

For 2020, there are 3 open Board positions.

Newly elected Board members will begin their term in January of 2020.

Board terms are two-years in duration.

To be eligible for a Board position you must have had a player registered for the 2019 season

or have a registered player in the upcoming 2020 season.


Why join the board? 

...because YOUR voice matters! 

Passionate volunteers help guide the organization for continued growth.

Fresh eyes bring fresh ideas and keep the organization always evolving in new and exciting ways.

Your child will witness firsthand your involvement in a sport they love and will see you actively making a difference.


How much time is involved with a Board Position?

…a little time devoted to the Board of Medina Lacrosse goes a long way!

MYLA members connect through email, texts and phone calls to conduct much of the required business.

The MYLA Board meets on occasion throughout the year in person, typically 8-10 times depending on the need, to discuss current and future business.

MYLA Board members understand the importance of life and family commitments and we do not expect more than you can give.  All of the current board members are also head/assistant coaches or volunteer on other Boards within Medina, all of the current board members have children active in school & sports and all of the current board members hold full-time jobs. 


Never been a Board member before and not certain what to do?

…no worries!

MYLA Board members have written documentation of their tasks and timing allowing a new member to understand the what/when/how part of the position.

PLUS former Board members are available to answer questions.




Voting will be done via the registration system with a link provided.  

You may vote for a candidate for each position, one vote per member family.


Board Elections will be held December 15, 2019 through Jan 15, 2020. 





Bill Dolan


I am proud of what we've accomplished as a club for the past two years.  But there's more work to do.  I have two agendas:  make youth lacrosse an option for all kids regardless of their background and support MHS as a powerhouse program.  We've made smart choices and kept costs down for parents.  With the endowment we started, free lacrosse for every boy and girl in Medina is an attainable goal.  Our initiatives in 1st/2nd grade and Fall Intro have doubled in size.  And our Meaningful Minutes policy is producing experienced players.  But I won't be satisfied (board or no) until we are able to hand MHS a roster of 30 freshman who can handle a stick. Honor, Effort, Resilience.


Matt Svec

Matthew Svec is currently a board member and the treasure for MYLA.  Matthew has been on the Board for two years.  Matthew has a wife and two children.  His son, Luke began playing lacrosse in third grade and is now a freshmen at Medina High School where he continues to play lacrosse.  Matthew was assistant boys lacrosse coach for the last three years.  Abbey, his daughter, began playing lacrosse last year in fourth grade.  Matthew was assistant coach for the 3/4 girls and will continue coaching this upcoming season.  Prior to coaching lacrosse Matthew coached football, baseball, and basketball.  Matthew’s day job is an attorney and commercial loan closer at Barrister Title Group.  Matthew would like to continue to be treasurer for MYLA and enjoys giving back to the lacrosse community. 


Tricia Claypool

My name is Tricia Claypool.  I am a proud mom of 3 & am an elementary school teacher.  I have both a son & a daughter who love to play lacrosse, so I have recently added avid lacrosse mom to my list of titles.  I have lived in Medina my entire life & think our little town is a great place to live & raise a family.  Both, as a mom & teacher, I want to make wonderful experiences available for kids.  I think the lacrosse program is one of these wonderful experiences.  


Alex Cherchian

My name is Alex Cherchian and I have been in Medina now for 6 years. I have been involved in medina rec soccer and lacrosse for those 6 years with my daughter. I want to give my time and effort for the benefit of the kids and sports in Medina.
  Joe Grimsic  




How else can you participate without taking on a Board positon?

…become a Committee Chairperson and/or Member!

Baggataway Tournament Director – The Baggataway Tournament Director coordinates the aspects of planning this first rate event.  Baggataway is MYLA’s invitational tournament and raises funds through team registration fees plus area business donations.  The funds raised offset expenses, pay for capital projects, and help to grow the endowment.  The Medina Baggataway Lacrosse Invitational is first class event and one of the largest scholastic boys and girls lacrosse festivals in the Midwest.

Equipment Manager – The Equipment Manager is aware of the current equipment inventory that is housed at the MYLA off-site storage shed, helps determine if new equipment is required and assists with coordinate the field-lining members. 

Spirit Committee Leader – We want all MYLA players and families to feel the excitement and pride that comes with being a part of our great MYLA organization!  The Spirit leader is an outgoing personality who helps with bringing the FUN!  Spirit Leader also coordinates the annual spiritwear store – can help create a special logo and pick all of the store offerings.  Also assists the (new) Team Parents on how to organize Team Tents/Food for tournaments (ex: Signup Genius) plus end of year team parties.  Each team has a small budget for team party.

…become a Head or Assistant Coach!

All coaches receive FREE US Lacrosse Level One Certification and Positive Coaching Alliance Double Goal training to help prepare coaches for a productive and enjoyable season plus all coaches receive a FREE background check from the National Center for Safety Initiative.

.…become a Team Parent!

While coaches focus on development and competitive aspects of the team, a team parent fosters the comradery and chemistry that are so important to a team's success.