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2022 Juniors Clinic

Register here for JUNIORS (1st and 2nd Grade) Lacrosse Clinic


The Juniors clinic is for members in 1st or 2nd grade.  The current plan is the program will run for 3 weeks, two nights a week in the spring and then return in the fall for another 3 week program.  We have never had the Juniors program continue into the fall, but is something new we would like to try for 2022.  (This would be separate from the Fall intro program, as that program is for all ages)  The program is ran by all volunteers and therefore things could get shifted around a bit.

The registration fee covers both the spring and fall sessions for the Juniors program.  We are lengthening the program but not increasing the price.


Full program definition at this link - The 1st-2nd Grade Spring Lacrosse Program is intended to introduce lacrosse to the youngest members of our community.

Base Cost: $75.00

Opened: 05/10/2022
Closes: 06/15/2022

Open to: Boys & Girls

In Grades: 1 to 2 for 2021-22 School year